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DIYMeesha for the love of a grinding fellow designer…You will be missed. Your Creativity will always Inspire.

Her Creativity lives on…Amazing Creative, Young sewer and designer with a major popular Youtube following including myself, One of my inspirations for doing what I do and why I never stop grinding and designing.

Summer…Sexy Changes around here! Starting with my Insecurities :)


Need to get yourself seriously motivated to workout? Watch yourself a series of youtube workout vids with Bikini Model Vicky Justiz and the baddest Instagram Butt Jen Selter and my absolute favorite workout partner lol…well virtual at least… ZuzukaLight. I bet you you will roll out the workout matt so fast! LOL

I absolutely love that they show off their sexiness and don’t feel ashamed to hide it. I…

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Tomorrow Can Wait- Ralph Marston

Tomorrow Can Wait

If your mind is always jumping ahead to what might be next, you miss the opportunity to fully live what is now. Be patient, be thankful, and let life come at its own pace.

Stop looking so much at the clock, and focus more on your purpose. Tomorrow can wait while you make today great.

If you hurry, concerned that you don’t have enough time, you’ll waste much of the time you do have. Take the necessary time and give sufficient attention to each task, so as to get maximum value from it.

Live each moment with deliberate, peaceful purpose, not with hurried, worried anxiety. In your eagerness to get ahead don’t leave the opportunity of this day behind.

Be ambitious while also being patient about it. Then you can truly enjoy the fruits of your ambition.

Take a deep, relaxing breath and feel the great value of the moment you’re already in. Fully live that value, here and now, and make it always yours.

— Ralph Marston


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